Stayfree Secure Extra Large 7ps ( pack of 3)

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Length of the pad: 274mm
Made for Heavy periods
Cottony Soft Cover gives you a soft, comfortable feel
Super absorb design stays close, absorbs more and helps prevent leaks
Odour Control System helps prevent odour and keeps you feeling fresh
Available in 6 and 20 counts
Stayfree® extra-long sanitary napkins are just what you need to manage your heavy flow without fear of leakage or the hassle of changing your pad every few hours! Trust STAYFREE Secure® Cottony Soft XL during your periods and let go of all your period-related worries!

Return: 3 Days

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• Choose Stayfree Secure® Cottony Soft XL to ensure long lasting protection and comfort during periods for up to 12 hours. Designed with wings that prevent it from shifting, this Stayfree Secure® extra-large pad protects you from any possible leakage. The Stayfree® cottony soft pads come with a soft and delicate material that is gentle on your skin and prevents rashes and dryness. With such a STAYFREE® product to take care of your periods, you can move freely and with confidence, any time of the month!

Additional information

Weight0.090 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

2 reviews for Stayfree Secure Extra Large 7ps ( pack of 3)

  1. Sakshee

    Very nice product .very fast delivery,fully satisfied.

  2. Puja

    good product

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