Betnovate-C Skin Cream 30gm & The Soumi’s Can Product Strawberry Body Wash 200ml

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Product Description
  • Betnovate C Cream 30 gm belongs to a class of dermatological medication’ Topical Anti-Infectives with Corticosteroids’ used to treat skin conditions like eczema (itchy inflamed skin), psoriasis (red, itchy, scaly patch on skin), insect bites and other types of rash.
  • Betnovate C Cream is a combination of two drugs, namely: Betamethasone (corticosteroid) and Clioquinol (antifungal and antiprotozoal).
  • Betnovate C Cream treat fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.
  • Also, It’s helps to reduce swelling, itching and redness caused due to specific skin problems.
  • Fungal infection is a skin disease in which a fungus attacks the tissue and cause infection.
  • Fungal infections may be contagious (spread from one person to another).
  • The bacterial infection is a condition in which harmful bacteria grows in the body and cause infection.

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The Soumi’s Can Product
  • It helps to retain the body moisture balance of the skin .
  • Also it helps to hydrate the skin & helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin
  • Pour some body wash onto your palm,lather the body wash ,gently massage yourself all over.
  • Rinse it all off

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