Online shopping at e-commerce websites has been increasing day by day at a highly increased rate. The various shopping websites have entered the cosiness of everyday life. From a small pin to a double-door refrigerator, every item gets delivered within a few clicks. Ordering food has also been in demand always. But the recent pandemic has hit like a huge wave upon everything. People have been locked up for months, and still, outdoor activities are restricted. Thinking about all the everyday tensions, we at Priyadarshini Essentials have come up with a new range of buy groceries online in Uluberia.

You neither have to stand in lines in front of the shops waiting for your turn not have to make a list of what you need every month. Relax at your easy chair and click on all the items you require with the added quantity for each item. We have stocked more than enough always so that our customers never get disappointed. All hygienic measures and sanitization process is done at regular intervals. We provide –

delivery on time

✓ fresh packaged items

✓ genuine brands

✓ quality items

✓ reasonable price compared to others

✓ sanitized products.

You can buy all items from perishable commodities like curd, milk, paneer, chocolate to vegetable oil, rice, pulses and so on. Special attention and care are given for perishable items regarding their expiry dates.

Contact info – 9836383572/9007482001


Cash on delivery available. Products delivered within twenty kilometres radius of Uluberia.

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