The round choker, the gird bangles, the bounded ring and the encircled bindi, completes the circle of complete dress-up of a woman. Every woman has a special place for her jewellery. There is a proverb in Bengali saying that there are thirteen occasions in twelve months. Each occasion has it’s own culture and women have different styles of getting dressed in each of them. The common thing that is required is jewellery. An ideal look becomes realistic when the right kind of jewellery compliments it.

Hopping around the streets of New Market and Garia to buy latest designed jewellery is now at stake because of the Covid-19 situation. Vacations have got cancelled but wedding occasions, anniversaries are always there. The great festival of Bengalis is now too been geared up for. Thinking of your safety and your shopaholic mind, we have come up with an online store. Other than the daily requirements, personal hygiene, grocery, we have special costume jewellery for all the beautiful women. We have latest women’s jewellery with a wide range of nose pins, earrings, bracelet, anklets, necklaces, ring in our tab Buy Online Costume Jewellery in Uluberia.

Be it the light jewellery for the office look or the heavy one for the party look, and we have everything for you. Flaunt your style with our hand-picked selections of customized jewellery. There are collections of both ethnic and fashiontraditional and costumehandcrafted and artificial.

Add to your cart from our Buy Online Costume Jewellery in Uluberia and let everyone’s jaw drop staring at you. We are available

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