The year 2020, the very deadly coronavirus ridden time, is finally at its last days. In the USA, India, Russia and UK vaccine trials have been a tremendous success. Now, finally we can expect that in the new year we can get our old life back and everything will be normal. So, why aren’t you preparing to welcome the new year and new decade? Even with the government-imposed restrictions you can give yourself a fresh look at home, just go for the branded make up kits or you can buy Shree Hari jewellery online.

If you live in Howrah or ever visit Howrah, Priyadarshini is a very popular name among the ladies as we sell the most affordable yet branded make up, beauty management products and costume jewellery. Now, we are trying to broaden our scope of service, this is why we are making all our products available online. In recent times, we found out that people are mostly choosing various gold-plated jewellery because of their design features and affordability. Here at Priyadarshini, we can offer you costume jewellery from various brands, but if you are looking for the most durable and ultimate designer pieces, then Shree Hari’s original gold-plated jewellery should be your first choice. From Priyadarshini you can easily buy Shree Hari jewellery online and get them delivered at your doorstep anywhere in India. You can also consult our curator for more information or details through call or WhatsApp at +919836383572, anytime between 9AM and 10PM every day except Thursday.

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