As the new year and a new decade approaches, maybe you are thinking the dark days of the COVID-19 pandemic finally ending. The new vaccine trials news also telling us they are over 90% successful. What a relief! Right? Now you are looking at your dressing table and “Oh My God” this year you haven’t spent almost anything to buy something new for yourself. Worry not, you can just go online and buy almost anything you want these days, but if you are planning to buy Shree Hari jewellery online, you can fully trust Priyadarshini in this matter. At Priyadarshini you will find hundreds of original gold-plated costume jewellery designed and made by the epic workers of Shree Hari, at very attractive discounted rates.

Now, you may think why Priyadarshini is selling all the Gold-Plated Shree Hari jewellery online at these cheap prices? Are they even real? Yes, they are 100% genuine and if you find anything other than that or find the piece you had ordered defective or size issues, you will get a replacement in no time. For years now, Priyadarshini have become the first choice for the people of Howrah to buy costume jewellery, but now anyone in India can buy Shree Hari jewellery online from us.

At Priyadarshini, we always sell the products which are made in India and not exported from any other country such as China. We also dedicate ourselves on updating our stocks and always keep up with the most recent designs released by Shree Hari. For any further query, please call or WhatsApp us at +91 9836383572.

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