Special days always need good planning and proper execution. When it comes to the union of two special lives, tradition awaits exoticism, and elegance awaits magic where the bride is the apple of everyone’s eyes. And decking up uniquely on that special day is every girl’s dream. There has always been a special place in every girl’s heart for their collection of bangles. Bangles are an intricate part of a wedding. Without the bangles, the ‘Solah Shringar’ of a married woman is incomplete.

       Bangles are the necklaces on your hand, the hand which nourishes and gently brings up a family. The Bengali wedding’s most important ritual is ‘Dodhi-Mongol,’ where the bride’s mother gifts her ‘Shakha-Pola’ to her daughter. ‘Shakha’ is made up of a conch shell symbolizing purity while ‘Pola’ is made up of red coral and symbolizes warmth and prosperity. ‘Shakha-Pola’ being the backbone of a Bengali wedding, there are other traditional ones too like ‘Chur,’ ‘Bala,’ ‘Mantasha,’ ‘Bauti,’ ‘Noa’ and ‘Kankan.’

    We at Priyadarshini Essentials believe that our customers are the special answers, so we have come up with an online store of Buy Bridal Bangles in Uluberia. The aesthetic works on your Benarasi will be complemented by our traditional designs on modern customized bangles on your most memorable day. The jingling sound in your hand will add warmth to the ‘Sehenai.’ We have every pair of bangles from ‘Mantasha’ to ‘Kankan.’ You just need to click on the ‘Add to Cart’ option, and it will be delivered at your doorstep fully at Cash on Delivery method. Flaunt your distinct style with our unique collections of Buy Bridal Bangles in Uluberia.

For queries contact us through –

9836383572/9007482001, support@priyadarshinionline.in.

We are at your service within twenty kilometers radius of Uluberia.

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