Jewellery is the sweet toppings on a cake. And talking of all the Bengali brides ‘mishti bou’ is the sweetest compliment one fascinates to hear. The wedding has always been a grandeur yet elegant occasion where all planning falls less on the moment of ‘subhodrishti’ of the ‘Patro’ and the ‘Patri.’

Every Bengali family weaves the dreams of their child getting married one day. When it comes to the bride’s house, all emotions overflow through the traditional rituals. The bride is the showstopper in everyone’s eyes on her big day. We, with the utmost care, have saved you the trouble of finding the best accessories you can wear on your dream day.

We have an exquisite collection of costume jewellery for all our Priyadarshinis. Each stone is like a drop of water on a bloomed flower. From the ‘tikli’ on your ‘aiburobhaat’ to the ‘paatihaar’ on your reception party, from the ‘jhumko’ on your ‘Haldi’ to the ‘ratanchur’ on your D-day all will add the spark your brightness. Dream your choices and fulfil them through us. Please scroll through our various bridal jewellery collections at your comfort and Buy Bridal Jewellery Sets in Uluberia.

As you all know, Priyadarshini has been serving you for twenty-seven years in Uluberia. This pandemic made us think of starting our business online only and only to cater to your needs at your safety. Currently, you can Buy Bridal Jewellery Sets in Uluberia through cash on delivery option. For any queries, you can contact us through our WhatsApp no- 9836383572/9007482001 or mail us at We serve within twenty kilometers of Uluberia from 9:30 in the morning to 10 p.m.

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